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Ghaeth Almaghoot is a Syrian / Dutch clarinetist from a small city called Salamiyah, Syria. He did not start his journey with music as a child, it was later at age 21 that he first began playing the clarinet. 

He moved to live in The Netherlands in 2015 after fleeing the war in Syria; making a new start as both a student and musician under the guidance of his teacher, Alex Simu.

Ghaeth is a graduate from the conservatoire of Rotterdam, Codarts  class of 2022, gaining a Masters degree centred around Ethnomusicology at Codarts Rotterdam.

" Ghaeth is renowned for playing Middle Eastern music, deeply influenced by Balkan styles and jazz. His performances are a journey, weaving music and storytelling together with an open, warm sound. Each piece he plays is a spontaneous narrative, brought to life by his passion for composing and improvisation, inviting listeners to experience a unique and captivating musical tale"

                                                                                                                     Bulgarian International Radio, 2024



Ghaeth has been involved in many different projects during his career, currently performing with DAFA trio, Arifa, Alwan, Madaba, L’Chaim and Dyar Band.

He has been fortunate enough to tour to many countries with his music (Mexico, South Korea, Tunisia, Egypt, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary) and has played and learned with great artists such as New York Gypsy All Stars, Ross Daly, Kudsi Ergunar, Alex Simu, Konrad Koselleck Big Band, Netherlands Blazers Ensemble, Lena Chamamyan, Ellen ten Damme, and many others.

"His clarinet style adopts many different genres and his tone is as expressive and moving as a vocal line" - International Music Meeting Festival 2018.


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